Led Transparent Film

K-TLF Series

Create incredible spaces with this innovative product. This transparent film is self-adhesive, making their installation on any glass surface incredibly simple without the need for any additional structure.
Its thickness is less than 3 mm, making it a lightweight and elegant product for your spaces.

Indoor/Outdoor projets

Cabinet size 240*1000mm

P4, 5, 6, 8, 10…20mm

Frameless design

800-1.500 nits

Transparency up to 92%


Seamless assembling

Waterproof surface

High flexibility surface

Light and Thin

Cropping support

The revolution of transparent displays

Different orientation

These adhesive films can be installed horizontally and vertically. By joining several films together, you can create complete screens with unlimited image sharing.

No size limitation

Can be cut arbitrarily but must meet different requirements for proper operation, making for a more creative visualisation of your spaces.

Simple and Fast Setup
Hassle-free installation. Simply affix the product directly onto the glass surface, then hook up the signal and power supply, eliminating the need for extra steel framing or tools.

Self-Adhesive LED Film
The transparent LED film comes with a self-adhesive back, allowing for straightforward application on any glass surface of existing windows, bypassing the need for complex construction work.

This innovative product turns the dreams of any company, store, or surface area into reality.

Easily and without the need for complex structures, you can transform any space, attracting more customers and creating limitless new experiences.
Thanks to its exceptional flexibility and ease of cutting, this product perfectly adapts to any glass surface, even those with curves.

Its high degree of transparency ensures that advertising seamlessly integrates into your spaces without blocking light, thus creating an unparalleled immersive experience.

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