Led Transparent display

K-TCC Series

Transmits high-quality content without sacrificing light or visibility, making it perfect for display windows. Achieves an ethereal and lightweight effect in your spaces.
Thanks to its transparency, you can play any type of content, creating a striking effect in any space.

Indoor/Outdoor projets

Cábinet 500/1000*500/1000

P2.6/5.95-P3.9/7.8mm SMD

Ultrathin structure

800-5.500 nits

Transparency up to 80%


Customised projets

High quality material

Dynamic content system

Connects uniquely and elegantly

Hanging installation

Easy-to-install modular design

Fixed installation

– Ultra thin –
Saving installation space

– Ultra light –
Easy installation

Curved cabinets,
for different applications

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