K-post Led

K-LPD Series

Frame your advertising in the best way with an ultra-thin frame; play with orientation to create unique compositions in your spaces, providing an unforgettable experience to your clients. You can use it individually or collectively by joining multiple K-posts together.

Indoor projets

Size 640*1.920mm

P1.5-2.5mm SMD

Ultrathin structure 55mm

800_1.200 nits

Different orientation


Shared or unitary use

High quality material

Dynamic content system

One product, endless solutions

Different orientations

You can use them vertically and horizontally, join them diagonally or mix the orientations to create unique compositions.

Single or joint use

The versatility of this product allows for its use individually or combined by connecting several units to create a complete image.

Implementations formats

It can be installed hanging on the wall or standing on the floor with adjustable support or wheels, giving you the flexibility to move it.

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