Led outdoor Fixed

K-LFX Serie

High-resistance cabinets designed to operate seamlessly under any weather condition. With high-efficiency cooling, they are durable, reliable, and offer a high level of UV protection. They are dustproof, waterproof, and designed for easy installation, making them the perfect choice for any outdoor environment where performance and longevity are key.

Outdoor projets

Different cabinet sizes

P1.8, 2.5, 3… 8, 10…20mm

Customised projects

1.500/ >10.000 nits

Modular design

1.920/ >10.000Hz

High protection

Waterproof material

Dynamic content system

Front and Rear Access

Aluminium/Iron cabinet

Excellent Display Effect, True-to-Life Presentation

IP65 Waterproof

Our cabinets are hermetically sealed to withstand any harsh weather conditions. Constructed with water-resistant materials, they are specifically designed to handle environmental humidity.

This ensures that our cabinets remain durable and reliable, providing uninterrupted performance regardless of the climate challenges they face.

Implementation formats

These screens can be installed in different ways depending on the project


You can hang your screen from the ceiling using a safe system to leave a clean installation in any space.

Wall / recessed

Wall installation can be done in two ways. Directly on a structure hung on the wall or embedded in the wall itself, leaving the screen integrated into the space.


Depending on the project, the screens can be installed on a floor structure without having to do any work in your space.

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