Led perimeter screen

K-LSP Series

The Led perimeter screen for stadiums is ideal for advertising sports events, such as football fields, basketball courts, hockey rinks, and more. Our cabinets are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, able to provide maximum exposure with a great sports spectacle.

Indoor/outdoor projets

Different cabinet sizes

P4, 5, 6.67, 8, 10mm

Customised projects

1.500/ >10.000 nits

Protective mask

1.920/ >10.000Hz

Quick and easy assembly

Waterproof material

Dynamic content system

Curved system

Aluminium Die-casting

Make your stadium a unique sensory experience
that will take your spectators to a new dimension

Back lockings

Transport handles

Leveling feet

Adjustable tilt

IP65 Waterproof

With IP65 waterproof protection, this screen is fully equipped to withstand adverse weather conditions, ensuring optimal operation in any situation. The high durability of our LED screen guarantees a prolonged lifespan, maintaining exceptional performance even in the most hostile environments.

Anti-collision protection

Our cabinet features a soft protective cover designed to safeguard players, minimizing the risk of injury in case of collision with the screen. This essential safety measure ensures protection for both athletes and equipment, allowing for a safer and more reliable sports environment.

Mask protection

The protective mask of our LED module is designed to withstand ball impacts, ensuring the integrity and continuous operation of the screen during sports events. This robust feature guarantees uninterrupted viewing, protecting the LED technology from potential damage during games.

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