Led immersive XR technology

K-IXR Series

Leave reality behind and open the doors to a new era of immersive technology. Pave the way faster towards the future, functionality, and dynamism. Create immersive spaces and dive into a virtual journey through countless worlds. Bring your spaces to life and generate a unique experience for your customers.

Indoor Projets

Cabinet: 500x500mm

Pixel: 1.95, 2.6mm

Color Range: DCI-P3

800-2.000 nits

Customised projets

Refresh Rate: 7.680≥ Hz

Quick and easy assembly

High quality material

Dynamic content system

Curved system

Modular design

Create limitless real-world settings in one studio

Possibility to make a curved screen

What is XR and how does it work?

The revolutionary technology of LED screens puts an end to the green screen era and offers an ideal solution for Virtual Production and Extended Reality (XR). It is the transition from augmented reality to virtual reality, expanding virtual content beyond the volume of the LED screen.
In an XR studio, an extended reality environment is created, providing viewers with a unique experience of boundless content. These images are generated with real-time software, allowing the content on these screens to be dynamically produced from the camera’s perspective.

It’s much more than a screen

It’s a 360º immersive space.
A new way to create virtual studios with the best LED immersive technology.
Colors come to life with impressive contrast, elevating visual quality to its highest expression thanks to its wide color gamut with DCI-P3 capabilities.

Next generation of LED panels

XR Led screen represent a new generation equipped with beneficial features from construction to performance.
Thanks to their easy curve system, you can create spaces with unparalleled curvature, making for a more immersive environment.

Perfect In-Camera Performance

XR enhances camera shooting by reducing ghosting and shaking, with intense black anti-reflective surfaces to prevent unwanted reflections. Capture every detail with exceptional image clarity.

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