Led flexible

K-FLX Serie

Create immersive visual experiences with convex and concave panels that effortlessly blend into their surroundings. The soft PCB and flexible rubber material, combined with great ductility, allow us to craft LED screens with unique curvature, bringing organic shapes to life in our spaces.

Indoor/outdoor projets

Customised projects

Different pixel sizes

Flexible module

800/ >10.000 nits

Modular design

1.920/ >10.000Hz

Inner and outer curves

Different cabinet sizes

Dynamic content system

Front and Rear Access

Aluminium/Iron cabinet

Create continuity in your spaces with
the best flexible technology

Inner or outer curves

Thanks to its flexible rubber modules and its easy installation system you can create screens that adapt to any space.


These flexible Led screens can adopt any kind of spherical, cylindrical, curved, oval or even wavy shape to adapt to any format.

Discover the next wave in LED technology with curved LED screens, designed to enhance advertising and content delivery in any setting, indoors or outdoors.
Breaking the mold once more, these screens enable seamless integration within your environments, ensuring advertisements leave a lasting impression.
With the ability to create astonishing 3D effects and pioneering curved designs, elevate your advertising beyond the conventional, and captivate audiences like never before.

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