Led dance floor

K- DFC Series

This product is the perfect solution to transform your space into a unique experience for customers. Its robustness allows it to support heavy weights, making it ideal for busy areas and effective advertising. This technology not only attracts attention but also encourages direct interaction between your customers and your space.

Indoor projets

Cabinet 500/1000*500/1000

P1.5, 1.95, 2.6, 3.9mm

Modular design

800-5.000 nits

Customised projects

Refresh rate 1.920-3.840Hz

Quick and easy assembly

Waterproof surface

Interactive option

Protective mask

Up to 2.000kg/sqm

Bring your spaces to life with this incredible technology

Highly protective materials

High weight capacity

Load capacity of 2.000Kg/sqm

Waterproof surface

Cabinet surface with IP65 protection

Protective mask

Protection for dust, scratches, liquids…

Interactive dance floor system

Create a visual impact and a unique interactive experience for your customers by making them a part of your spaces. Thanks to its sensors, they can interact directly with any content displayed on the screen.

Height adjustable system

Thanks to its adjustable support system, it can be adjusted in height to fit any space and project.

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