Led indoor for Rental

K-LRC Series

Our LED cabins are designed to deliver dependable and professional solutions for rental businesses, offering ease of installation and mobility thanks to their light weight and efficient anchoring system. The superior image quality and luminosity make these product a perfect choice for effective brand communication.

Indoor Projets

Different cabinet sizes

P0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3, 4, 6…10mm

Customised projects

800-2.000 nits

Modular design

Refresh rate 1.920-7.680Hz

Quick and easy assembly

High quality material

Dynamic content system

curved system

Aluminium Die-casting

Generate incredible impact at any event
with the best technology.

Modular design, Front or Rear Maintenance

Our modular design facilitates fast and effortless maintenance of every cabinet component, from the modules to the internal electronics in the power box, streamlining the upkeep process for maximum efficiency.

Quick installation and uninstallation

The cabinet is designed for quick setup with its lightweight panels, an innovative latch mechanism, and a self-supporting system, streamlining the installation and disassembly process to be more efficient than conventional rental LED screens.

Details of cábinet

For a quick and effective assembly, it features two handles on either side of the cabinet for proper handling. It also includes a system that facilitates installation on curved surfaces, allowing each cabinet to have a degree of curvature to adapt to various spaces or projects.

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