Led frame screen

K-TFS Series

It transmits high-quality content in an elegant and subtle way. Thanks to this transparent product, you can display impactful content without reducing the light in your space due to its high transparency percentage.
It is an incredible product to showcase in your store windows and in high-traffic areas of any business.

Indoor Projets

Size 800 * 1.500mm

P2.6/6 mm SMD

Ultrathin structure

3.500 nits

Transparency up to 80%

Refresh rate 1.920-3.840Hz

Plug and play systhem

Light & thin

Dynamic content system

Create a unique and spectacular visual
experience with this innovative product.

Easy and elegant hanging system

It has an easy ceiling hanging system. Thanks to its two holes and
hanging system, you can place it in any space in less than a minute,
creating a great impact even from a distance.

High level of transparency

Thanks to its Led strips, it’s possible to create images without blocking natural light in any space. This system allows the screen to be installed in any shop window or space without obstructing visibility.

Plug and play systhem

This product is an all-in-one.
You just have to plug it into the power outlet to make it work. It comes with a controller that allows you to easily and quickly change content from your mobile phone.

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